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He comes across Max Konnor nude and stroking his huge dick. The shaved headed guy dude can't resist and gives Max a long moist blowjob. Max takes off He's clothes and the two men passionately kiss every other's mouths and bodies until He can't wait any longer. Max tongue's He's muscular arse, getting it ready for the hardcore fucking that's coming to it. Max fucks the jizz out of He, making the muscle hunk spray it all over his lightly stubbled torso.



Basically both words are ‘catch all phrases’ that encompass a wide variety or interpretation of what is, what isn’t suited for that category.


Hunks are men who are attractive and well-built beyond the average guy. A lot of soap opera actors are considered hunks as are Playgirl models and Abercrombie models. Hunks are not necessarily bodybuilders but they must have a defined form and a very attractive face and presentation.


The sexual need, desire, to have relations with a member of a different ethnic race, such as White on Black, Asian on White, or any other racial combination.

muscle men

Muscle men is a term used in both mainstream and adult entertainment. It refers to men who are particularly muscular. Muscle men do not necessarily have to be as large as professional bodybuilders but should have a better developed physique than the average man.

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Added on: January 27, 2021