standing at over 6 feet tall, hung muscular hunk He hardly looks like your typical sub. when He finds the latino powerhouse lying on his back stroking his giant uncut cock He makes it clear who’s in charge. he goes down on He, sucking his thick dick and balls, then licks his way down his shaft to the stud’s tight hole. He uses his tongue to loosen him up then slams his rock-hard cock into He’s big muscle-butt. He fucks the towering giant on all fours then flips him over on his back and pounds a load out of him. like a good sub He gets on all fours and finishes He off by sucking him dry.



cock and ball torture

cock and ball torture is often referred to as cbt. masochistic men often find pain in the genital areas to be erotic. both penis and testicals can be tied and pain can be caused in a variety of ways including pouring hot wax on the genitals, whipping or spanking them, tying them very tightly or putting clips or clamps on them. ball stretching, which is the stretching of the skin of the testicals by various means, is also associated with cbt. cock and ball torture can be practiced by a man or woman on a man or transsexual who has a penis.

big cocks

big cocks are larger penises and are also sought after in both in gay and straight porn. studies have shown that average penis size is under 6 inches, but many people believe that average size is a little larger than that so a big cock would generally have to be over 7 inches.

latino men

latino men refers to men who are of spanish-speaking descent or from the countries in south america. latino men, also referred to as latin or hispanic, are often admired because they are considered to have “machismo”, which is a cocky masculine attitute, and because they often have uncut penises (meaning they are not circumcised).

uncut cock

circumcision consists of removing part or all of the foreskin from the penis. a circumcised cock is referred colloquially as a cut cock where an uncircumcised penis is referred to as a cut cock. some men and women prefer a cut cock and some an uncut cock as a matter of esthetics.

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