master restrains blindfolded homosexual to play with his penis young


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old on young

The desire and pursuit by an older male, of a much younger male for sexual relations, as well as for long term relations. In some instances, referring to the need for someone considerably older or younger to hold control over. To be the unchallenged authority figure.

wax museum

Mainly a bar, or spot, frequented by older gay men, who are seeking a casual affair with a younger male, who is in their twenties or later teens.

wax play

The infliction of pain is as old as civilization, as man. There is not accurate way to determine, when or where, the use of hot burning wax, was first used, to inflict pain on others, or for when it became used in a form of sexual foreplay.

waxing the board

Used for a male, the female counterpart to this slang term, is “Waxing the Saddle”. | | | | | | |

Added on: January 16, 2021