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more of british slang term, that can reference a person’s rear end, specifically the buttocks. other connotations would also refer to british slang for a person acting like an idiot, in a derogatory sense.

ass play

ass play, or assplay, is a term generally used to refer to spreading and insertion of the anus by sex toys, fists and fingers. ass play can be done as foreplay, to help someone loosen up before anal intercourse or simply to give the recipient pleasure. ass play is generally a term used by gay men.

jack ass

there are many terms, used to describe a male hustler or prostitute. other common names include dick peddler, joy boy, party boy, professional queer, rent boy, and others.


ın a pornographic movie, the cumshot is when the male ejaculation (or sometimes female) occurs. since during sex the ejaculation commonly can not be seen, adult movies generally find a way to make it visible. common techniques include having the male partner pull out and ejaculate on face (called a facial or facial cumshot in porn), breasts, buttocks, etc. as safe sex is becoming more common, we are seeing more of the internal cumshot, or “creampie”. this is when the male ejaculates inside his partner’s anus or vagina and the partner then uses his or her muscles to squeeze some of the semen out, showing that ejaculation did occur internally.

кончил на жопку сучке
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